Strategy: Map Tri

Since there are only three goals on the map Tri, there is a lot of space on the map to use for shape growing. Pick any shape to focus on (for this example, I’m going to pick a red circle) and ignore all other shapes by sending them to their goal straight away. But anytime you get a blue circle you send it to the goal and any red circles you move to the upper right corner of the map where you’ll combine it with your main red circle.

Have the main red circle traveling in a tight loop so it doesn’t float away and stays aways from the edge of the screen.  Once you reach 20x or higher on the red circle, start moving it towards a blue bonus to change its color to match your blue circle goal that you’ve been building up.

Now move your new big blue circle to the blue goal to collect some mega points!

None of the circles are wasted with this trick! When you get good at this then you can try growing two different shapes at once using the same strategy (you’ll keep the other shape in the upper left corner).  Happy shape sifting.


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