Strategy: Map Hexa

I covered shape growing/merging in the previous strategy guide for map Tri and today I’m going to cover goal coloring with map Hexa. Hexa is also the map found in the Lite version of the game.  When you match a shape to a goal with the same color, the goal’s multiplier bonus increases by one.  But if you send a shape of a different color to a goal, the multiplier is reset back to one.  There are six goals on this map but the three shapes and three different colors that appear for this map makes it possible to have nine unique combinations of shapes and colors. What are we going to do, there aren’t enough goals?! This is done for a reason since the game would be too easy if you had a goal for each combination. You could make the goals any color you want, but for this strategy, we are going to balance out the colors by making two red, two blue and two green goals.   It doesn’t matter what color you assign to a shape as long as you don’t assign the same color to both shapes (for example, don’t make two red circle goals).

Here’s a picture using the 2/2/2 balanced color scheme for the goals. So what do you do if you get a shape for a color that you don’t have a goal for? You pick up a color changing bonus to turn it into a color that you do have a matching goal for! Wow, genius!  Sometimes this means you have to keep a shape moving around for a bit before you send it to a goal.  But it is worth it in the end since you can keep building up the goal’s multiplier if you don’t change its color. This also gives you a chance to merge multiple shapes together before changing its color and sending it to a goal. Another reason we made two reds, two blues and two green goals is to make sure all color changing bonuses are useful and there isn’t any one color we don’t need to use.

Here is an example of this strategy in action.  I don’t have a blue square goal so I merged all incoming blue squares together and now I’m about to pick up the green color bonus to change my shape’s color so I can send it to the green goal.  The 8x on the square is going to be multiplied by the goal’s value, giving me 6400 points!

Another trick to point out in the above picture is that you can safely navigate a shape over a goal of different shapes (as demonstrated by the red square traveling over the blue circle goal).  This is a good way to take short-cuts to get to a goal faster.  But it is also slightly more dangerous since the shape is traveling in an area that is usually busy with other shapes that are approaching their goal.  So keep an eye out for collisions.

Happy shape sifting.


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